What We Are .

The Calendar is a students for students social enterprise, focused on building community, promoting student culture and inspiring people to have fun and get involved at UBC. The Calendar is created and operated by UBC students.

What We Do .

The Calendar builds community through on and offline experiences. We showcase, highlight, and promote the amazing things already happening in our community through our website and social media channels and host and collaborate on 25+ annual community events.

Together we help more people find out what is happening around them, and inspire them to get involved.

Build Community

Through promoting epic events, or organizing campus shenanigans, it’s our goal to build community all over campus! We really believe there’s a community for everyone here and we hope to promote and showcase all of them.

Support Artists

We’re more than just parties! Keep an eye on our calendar all year long for the best of UBC’s Arts and Culture. Whether its laughing at standup, sipping chardonnay at an open mic, or learning about traditions from around the world, we’ve got it covered.

Champion Fun

Polar Bear swimming at Wreck Beach, Snowball Fights on Main Mall, quick dips in the Fountain. We love helping make memories on campus for students! 

Meet The People Behind
The Calendar .

Kat Dawes

Events Marketing Director

Koji Aiken

Event Production Director

Anna Nielsen

Dive Director

Isaac Zipursky

Media Director

Liam Darroch

Internal Director

Andria Coulbourn

External Director

Zoe Teufel

Marketing Coordinator

Taryn Trefanenko

Content Coordinator

Sydney Robertson

Photographer Coordinator

Shivani Thakor

Internal Coordinator

Shiu Rou Quek

Finance Coordinator

Sam Tuffin

Internal Media Coordinator

Sachin Britto

Creative Coordinator

Rebecca Chen

External Media Coordinator

Michayla Giesbrecht

Dive & Media Photographer

Michaela Basciano

Professional Development Coordinator

Madison Bradshaw

Graphic Designer

Lize Muraiti

Dive Coordinator

Larry Chen

Marketing Coordinator

Jesse Pacania

Stage Coordinator

Hari Lavalle

Photography Coordinator

Godfrey Cheng


Emily Tees

Branding Coordinator

Daichi Hirata

Event Operations Coordinator

Coral Santana

Dive External Coordinator

Aaron Harpaz

External Relations Coordinator

Gabi Abrahams

Fourth Year Rep

Jason Liu

Third Year Rep

Haley Kardash

Third Year Rep

Cydney Lemcke

Second Year Rep

Lucy Logan

First Year Rep

Dana Scharien

Second Year Rep

Arjin Sidhu

Third Year Rep

Emma Endo

Second Year Rep

Ciaran Sanders

Third Year Rep

Pearl Deasey

Second Year Rep

Pahul Gupta

Fourth Year Rep

Phil Wirz

Third Year Rep

Dita Puspitarani

Second Year Rep

Saanya Mishra

Second Year Rep

Kristine Stohle

Second Year Rep

Jaden Ford

Second Year Rep

Esha Mahmood

First Year Rep

Sofi Cardenas

Second Year Rep

Carter Armstrong

Third Year Rep

Bianca Santana

Third Year Rep


Fourth Year Rep


Third Year Rep

Dylan Bains

Fourth Year Rep

Jane Procyshyn

Fourth Year Rep

Lauren Solmes

First Year Rep

Fred DeNisco

Third Year Rep

Grace Gordon

Third Year Rep

Anna Tsigounis

Third Year Rep

Emilia Landmark

Third Year Rep

Franklin Landry

Second Year Rep